Report from Pakistan

Dear friend and partner,

We can hereby report that the trip to Pakistan was very successful. We are home, safe and sound, and rejoice in everything that happened.

Three festival meetings were held in Karachi. The local organisers also set up one additional festival meeting in the city of Hyderabad, which came as a positive surprise.


(Tracy & Johan addressing the crowd during the final day in Karachi.)




(The crowd grew day by day. An estimated 5000-6000 people attended the final night in Karachi.)



Many healings took place

In the meetings, we made sure to point out over and over again that Jesus is the Healer – not the preacher. Our job was simply to lift up Jesus and His finished work and let Him do the rest. Jesus confirmed His gospel by healing many people every night. Here are some of the many healing testimonies:



(This man had not been able to walk for 3 years – paralysed in his legs.)





(This young boy had a tumor in his neck that disappeared during the prayer. Here he shows with his fingers how big the tumour was.)



(The lady to the right was healed in her eyesight. Her daughter, standing next to her, was healed from back pain.)



(This lady had stomach cancer for 15 years. All pain is now gone. Healed by Jesus!)




(This lady had a severe headache for 2 months. Now healed.)






(This young man was healed in his back. He came to the meetings several hours before the start, expecting to be healed. He did not have to go home disappointed.)


Teaching seminar focusing on new covenant realities

Parallel to the festival, a teaching seminar was held in Karachi, focusing on the new covenant and the finished work of Jesus.


(Some of the seminar attendees.)






(This lady was touched by the presence of Jesus in the seminar.)




Village trip and TV recordings

After the conclusion of the festival and seminar meetings, we traveled together with a team of about 10 local pastors to visit a remote village, to distribute clothes to poor children, but also to preach the gospel.


(Some of the village people.)






(Tracy addressing the children.)





(Tracy distributing clothes.)





(This young boy got a green sweater.)




Upon our return to Karachi, we also recorded two TV broadcasts for Gawahi TV, which will be seen not only on TV in Pakistan, but also throughout the Middle East.

Many responded to the gospel

Pastor Sarfraz William, the local organiser and founder of Gawahi TV, said that an estimated 1500 people received Jesus in the meetings in Karachi.


(Many precious people responding to the Gospel.)




Our host in the Hyderabad meeting, pastor Javed, said the following in an email after the meeting there:

“Thank you for coming to us and sharing the truth. Many have given themselves to Christ. People have started coming to church to know more about Christ. The people in the village are touched by the love you showed them.” 

As a friend and partner your prayers and gifts have been instrumental for all this to happen. You are a partaker in the harvest.

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Thank you for your support!

/Johan & Tracy

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