Preparations ongoing for GraceLove Uganda tour

(Picture above from the city of Gulu, northern Uganda)

The planned GraceLove Uganda tour has sadly been cancelled due to a new Covid lockdown in Uganda that has made the planned events impossible to conduct. More information about GraceLove’s next event will follow shortly. 

(The text below from before the GraceLove Uganda tour was cancelled.)

Preparations are presently ongoing for our next evangelistic campaign; GraceLove Uganda tour. During July, GraceLove will conduct festival meetings in cooperation with local churches in Kampala, Anaka, Gulu, and Mbarara. The events will be conducted in accordance with local guidelines due to the Corona pandemic.

Most of the meetings will be organized in cooperation with new church plant projects, with the purpose of reaching out with the Gospel to people that can be added to and followed up by these new churches.

For a long time, we have had the goal of reaching out to northern Uganda, which is relatively unreached by the Gospel, compared to other parts of the country. Northern Uganda has been marked by poverty, domestic wars, and the atrocities committed by rebel leader Joseph Kony. The meetings in Anaka and Gulu will be GraceLove’s first outreaches in the area.

(Picture above: children from the Acholi tribe in northern Uganda.)

GraceLove’s long-term goal is to penetrate all parts of Uganda with the Gospel of grace. We are therefore right now in the process of registering and starting GraceLove Ministries in Uganda.

For more information about the dates and locations of the GraceLove Uganda tour, please click here.

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