Two amazing testimonies

In this update we would like to share 2 recent testimonies of what God has done through GraceLove Ministries.

A Pakistani lady who could not have children gives birth to a baby boy….and names him Johan!

During the counselling session after our latest event in Pakistan, a lady who had tried to conceive for many years, came to us for prayer. She said that if God would grant her a daughter, she would name her Tracy, and if she would get a boy, she would name him Johan. God answered prayer shortly thereafter! She became pregnant and now there is a baby boy in Karachi named Johan! The happy mother recently shared this testimony on Christian TV in Pakistan.


Man healed in his leg after 20 years of pain – in the streets of Gothenburg!

During the Amazing Love event in Gothenburg, Sweden, in June (which GraceLove helped to organize) a man from the Middle East received a miracle from Jesus. This man came to Johan after the meeting and asked for prayer for his paining leg. When Johan asked him: How much pain do you have right now on a scale from 1 to 10 where 10 is the highest pain possible? He answered “8”. After commanding the pain to leave in the name of Jesus, the man was immediately healed!

Afterward, we found out that the pain had been the result of splitter from a bomb entering his leg 20 years ago. Before receiving prayer this man had come from the Pharmacy store, where he had bought pain killers. He held up the package with pain killers and asked: What am I supposed to do with these pills now? The pain had been there constantly for 20 years.

We trust that these testimonies will encourage you, and we hereby also want to thank You for your support. As a friend, supporter, and partner You are a partaker in these testimonies!

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We are presently planning for two upcoming events, in Asia (we cannot mention specific place because of security concerns) and Zambia. More information about this will come shortly.

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