Report from Malindi, Kenya

We can joyfully report that the festival in Malindi was very successful. Hundreds of people responded to receive Jesus and many were healed by Jesus every night. A new church had been started in conjunction with the event and many of the new believers have joined this church. (To see pictures from the event, click here.)

Victory report after the event

The event consisted of 4 crusade evenings in an outdoor soccer field, and a 3-day seminar held in a church during the morning hours. Pastor Geofrey Situngu, who was responsible for the planning of the event, wrote to us in an email:

“Since you left, we have witnessed abundance of grace, people flocking to the church, healing testimonies and a sudden increase in membership…This is a grace revolution on the move and in style!”

See people receive Jesus

Click on this video from night 3 to see when people participate in the salvation prayer to receive Jesus as Lord. 

Some people healed from HIV by Jesus

We noticed during the days in Malindi that very many very infected with the HIV virus, and this is, naturally, very shameful for them, and nothing they want to talk about in public. At least 2 people witnessed that they had been healed from HIV in connection to the crusade and the seminar, and another person also testified of being healed from HIV when we visited Uganda, after the Malindi event.

Many Muslims touched by Jesus

Many of those who were healed in the festival were unwilling to come up on the stage and testify, because of fear of persecution from their families and the Muslim community. This proves that Jesus loves everyone and heals those who come to Him – no matter what religion they belong to. Jesus cares for everyone!

A young boy healed in his eyes – in the seminar

In the seminar the main focus was to teach the new covenant to people who are already believers, but even non-Christians showed up in the seminar to be healed. A little boy, only around 10 years old, came to the seminar on his own, without his parents or other relatives. He had a problem with eyes; his eyes were constantly tearing. Jesus healed him!

A short visit to Uganda

After the Malindi event we stopped by Uganda for a few days and were given the opportunity to preach in a church in the midst of the slum area in Kamokya, Kampala, Uganda’s capital. Several people testified of healing in the meeting, but we especially remember a young lady who was part of the worship team in the church. For 10 years she had suffered from a problem in her ears making it very painful to be in a room with a high sound level. During the service she had been forced to step down from the stage, as the sound was too loud and the pain in her ears too severe, but after we commanded sickness to leave in the name of Jesus she testified that she now was healed! Many other things happened in this meeting, but if we only went to Uganda for this lady’s sake, it was definitely worth it! Thank you Jesus! 

Thank you for Your support!

This event would not have been possible without the support from our partners and friends. Thank you so much for standing with us in prayer and your financial support!


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